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Şeyh Abdullah El Muheysini; My witness on the hero of Turkistan Mujahideen


Turkestan Islamic Jamaat (Community) was established by Yusuf Zayed (rahimullah) in 1988 in the East Turkestan and is the hero of the resistance against China in East Turkistan on the 5th April, 1990. It is currently very popular with its fight against the Occupation of East Turkestan by China, follows the Path of Allah (c.c) and continues the jihad.
The Jamaat emigrated to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 1996 under the leadership of Hasan Mahsum. It does not leave the Afghan people alone, that is being suffered occupation by the Crusaders since 2001 and taking part effectively in the Afghan jihad.
Turkestan Islamic Community is supporting the Syrian people in the glorious war, which started in 2011, against the brutal Baathist regime of Bashar al-Assad, has been sending some of the Mudschaheddin in Syria since 2012. Mujaheddin emigrate to honorable soil of Damascus crossing 10 different countries. They spend a small fortune to reach Syria.
Turkestan Mujahideen are fighting in Syria at the forefront, took a key role last week in capturing strategic places such as Tel Hattab, Muhembil and Zeyzun. After this victory Sheikh Abdullah El Muheysini wrote an article with the title “My witness on the hero of Turkistan Mujahideen”.
We, as East Turkistan News Agency, provide the english translation of this article for our followers:
My witness on the hero of Turkistan Mujahideen
In the name of Allah (c.c), the Gracious, the Merciful. 
All praise belongs to Allah (c.c). Peace and blessings of Allah (c.c) be on our prophet Muhammad (saw), his family and companions.
Thousands of kilometers far away from Damascus began the painful story of request. The story of heroism and dedication…The story of the faithful brave men, who kept their promise to Allah (c.c) loyally… (This is what we believe, only Allah (c.c) knows the truth).
Story of the Mujahideen of this story began in East Turkestan.
Kashgar is the capital city of East Turkestan. This region has been conquered by el Kuteybe Müslim El Bahili. Commander Azzam completed the islamisation of this region. East Turkestan is famous with his scholars such as Ebu Maali Tugrul Shah Muhammed bin Hasan bin Hashim Kashgari. He was a virtuous scholar and has preached to people. Many people learned hadith and tafseer from him between 490-550 according to the hijri calender.
The people in East Turkestan belongs to hanafi madhhab. But regretfully I must say that; East Turkistan, located in the northwest China, has come under the domination of the Chinese communist regime. East Turkestan is east-end of the islamic world. We wish the conquest of East Turkestan by muslims.
Muslims in that region, has seen various different pressures and persecution from the Chinese government. That´s why we wish, that the Chinese communist government will be destroyed soonly.
Even Chinese pressure, lots of men have been educated and fully trained to fight for Allah´s (c.c) religion. These brave men would never kneel but only for Allah (c.c). And they sold everything they had, to get ten thousand dollars. They needed that money to reach Damascus region. That´s how they started their journey to syria.
What a nice effort !!! What a beautiful character !!! Yes! They aspire to get in the heaven. You don´t mind to make high mandatory payment, if you marry a beautiful girl. Many people save money to make touristic holiday. But they started their journey for Allah (c.c) to help the poor people in Syria. They could settle in any country as asylums as they rescued themselves from Chinese brutality. But these brave men chose to fight against the crime of Nusayriyah to help Allah´s (c.c) religion.
On the other side, most of our Ummah is only watching. They watch how the children are being killed… How the mosque are being destroyed with barrel bombs .. How the old people are being murdered… How the women fight to survive under the destroyed houses… They watch women are being raped… They watch how Nusayriyah spread fear to every street and every house.
So these brave people came to the holy lands of Damascus. I met with these young people during a visitation. I was highly happy as their children greeted me with their nice voices singing Allahu Akbar. They were learning Arabic and the Koran. And their fathers were preparing for the Cisr-ush Shuur war.
They have already built a base along a frontier during the first year to house mujaheddin in the near of Cisr-ush Shuur. I met their modest leader. His appearance was not distinguishable from other mujaheddin.
One of this beautiful men said to me: “O Sheikh! O Sheikh! We can not wait any more! When are we going to attacked the unbelievers? He meant with unbelievers the Nusayriyah in Cisr-ush Shuur. I advised him to be patient and “it is possible that soon (Al-Isra: 51), ‘I said.
They were waiting, different from other mujaheddin groups, really in very difficult conditions. Then the time came finally, which they were waiting for… They were extremely happy and increased their prayers.
I went to their base to give lessons. Before I start the lessons, I wanted them to record the lesson with their smart phones for the mujaheddin, who were absent. But they did not have phones.
Yes, they continue their lives under such difficult circumstances. Also they had a very poor nutrition. The other mujaheddin groups had good food. Their behavior were also different. They had zühd and vera (they were reflecting pray and religious cautiousness). Many of them did not like to talk much. They preferred to pray for Allah (c.c). Whoever spends time with these brothers, can see the sincerity and the faith on their faces.
The leader of Turkestan insurgents invited me to give a conference. As I began the lessons, all of the insurgents were crying. I saw the courage and sacrifice of these people, that´s why I chose to be under their flag at the war of Cisr-ush Shuur.
Along the way around Zelit with my mujaheddin brothers in the darkness I met a young men at twenties, dressed in white. He did not carry any weapon, so I thought he was a civilian and wondered that there were civilians there. I asked him, what he is doing there. He said to me; ‘My brother! I am currently preparing to istishâd currently and I’m going to heaven with Allahs permission.’ I embraced him strongly and I could not prevent my tears flowing from my eyes like a flood. I was sending a real mujaheddin to Allah (c.c). Then he got into his Car loaded with explosive material and drove to the shelters of the unbelievers. Allah (c.c) disabled the eyes of Nusayriyah and they could´t recognize him.
However, the aim of that Mujahedin was not only to reach the heaven as “shahid”. His purpose is to give serious damage on the enemies of Allah (c.c) and to weaken them. Nusayri rebels did not see him, so he could position his car at the right place. Then he began to walk away from the car. After about 100 meters away from the car he detonated the car. He could save his life for an another istishad action and could give twice or three times more damage to the enemy.
After the detonation mujaheddin attacked to the Nusayriyan unbelievers. But they did not have success because Allah (c.c) did not want to open the door of victory. On the next day I met the leader of mujaheddin. We talked about the difficulties and I asked him about possible solutions. He told me, that the best solution is istishad. I told him, that istishad is a very good solution. After that he asked mujaheddin, if someone is ready for istishad. All of them said, that they are ready for it. There were more mujaheddin ready for istishad than the required number. Thirty people were selected and I gave them some advices. This was my farewell speech to them. Because they were about to leave with their explosive belts to detonate at the enemy fronts. I embrace them with a warm hug before they left. They had only one and a half hour for the istishad.
Then I saw them collecting roses and putting them on their chests. I wondered and asked one them why… He said: “i am going to meet tonight with Allah (c.c). A servant of Allah (c.c) will rise from the dead in a situation, how they die. I want to meet Allah (c.c) with adornment. I will spend this night with companions of Muhammad (saw) (saw) and with virgins of the heaven. I could not say anything to him, I just wished success from Allah (c.c) for them.
As they began to march toward the enemy, I followed them. When they began to open fire against the enemy, Nusayrian responded to them with bullets of various weapons. Some of these weapons were from Russian, Kalashnikov, bixi and Dotchka.
15 Mujaheddin, lost their lives in that fire. The other half were able to penetrate in to the enemy front. This was the first leak in Cisr-ush Shuur and it destroyed the motivation of enemy. It is not wondering, that there is a huge difference between someone, who belongs to Assad and a mujaheddin, who belongs to Allah (c.c). No doubt Assad’s army suffered a surprise. They saw, how mujaheddin continued attacking and run away.
My witness on Turkestan mujaheddin is not limited with this story. I saw much more things that surprised me. I saw how they endless prayed in the night and fasted during the day. As we entered Zelid we met the people of Cisr-ush Shuur. They were afraid of us at the beginning. This was because of the bad propaganda of regime about mujaheddin.
One of the families accommodated us. After he trusted me, he said to me; “I would ask you to rescue me from this place. Because I am between you and the regime. If I knew, that you stay here forever, I would not leave this place.” I told him, that I could help him to leave that place with the permission of Allah (c.c). Also Mujaheddin from Turkestan stayed at this family and that family saw how they prayed during the night. Early in the morning I went to the father of the family and asked him if they are ready to leave. He told me, that he changed his mind. I asked why. He said: ”Last night Assads soldiers stayed in my house. They drank alcohol and ignored Allahs oneness. No! I would not leave my house that I swear to Allah (c.c). I am sure, you will have definitely victory. I’ll cook for you die in this place, it would be honor for me to serve and help you. As he insisted on staying there, I accepted his decision and prayed for him. Then I left to fight Allah (c.c)´s enemies with my brothers.
Another event that I witnessed has happened before the conquest of Cisr-ush Shuur. One of the mujaheddin told me about an location in an area, that were open to Nusayrian and Hizbusshaitan region. As we reached there, I was hit by a bulled, that penetrated my belly and left from my back.
I only wanted from Allah (c.c), that he gives me ihlas and forgives my sins, as it happened. As I was shot, mujaheddin came to me immediately and carried me one km away from that place, even the risk of being shot, because that area was not safe at all. Allah (c.c) may give them reward and increase their number.
Another witness of mine: they are really patient during medicine lack in the hospitals, when they are badly sick or injured.
These are some of my witnesses about mujaheddin from Turkestan, who are ready to sacrifice their lives, estates and families.
Only Allah (c.c) can help and we only trust in Allah (c.c).
Dr. Abdullah al Muhaysini
Source: East Turkistan News Agency.


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