Cuma, 18 Ağustos 2017

Turkistan İslamic Party Suriye-Karkur conquest


Turkestan Islamic Jamaat (Community) was established by Yusuf Zayed (rahimullah) in 1988 in the East Turkestan and is the hero of the resistance against China in East Turkistan on the 5th April, 1990. It is currently very popular with its fight against the Occupation of East Turkestan by China, follows the Path of Allah (c.c) and continues the jihad.


The Jamaat emigrated to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 1996 under the leadership of Hasan Mahsum. It does not leave the Afghan people alone, that is being suffered occupation by the Crusaders since 2001 and taking part effectively in the Afghan jihad.


Turkestan Islamic Community is supporting the Syrian people in the glorious war, which started in 2011, against the brutal Baathist regime of Bashar al-Assad, has been sending some of the Mujaheddin in Syria since 2012. Mujaheddin emigrate to honorable soil of Damascus crossing 10 different countries. They spend a small fortune to reach Syria.


Lastly 3 days ago the media center of Turkestan Islamic Community “Islam Awazi” released a video called “Karakurs´s Conquest”. Karakur was captured after an operation, that was performed together by mujaheddin of Turstan Islamic Community and Joondul Aqsa.


“Karakur´s Conquest” begins with preoperative preparations of the mujaheddin of Turkistan Islamic Jamaat. It continues with the fight between mujaheddin and Assad´s forces and the scenes of killed soldiers of Assad. It ends finally with pictures on capturing the city, left weapons and tanks behind by Assad´s soldiers and raising the tawheed (unification) flag of Jamaat on Karakur.

Source: East Turkistan News Agency.


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