Cuma, 18 Ağustos 2017

China entered into Istanbul,Turkey with her 150 Spies

China entered into Istanbul,Turkey with her 150 Spies


150 Chinese intelligence, policemen and special operation members entered into Turkey from the Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Sabıha Gokcen Airport to work as the allies of Russia and Asad.

Communist China sent her 150 spies to Turkey. Among the Chinese spies entered into Turkey in last 2 weeks, there are

“China Special Operation Members” working as the strike team in China

“Uyghur Policemen” serving to Communist China in invaded East Turkestan

“Uyghur Spies” under the order of Communist China working in invaded East Turkestan.


7 Uyghur Spies coming from Urumchi, East Turkestan on Friday, 12 September connecting from Kazakhistan. They came in at 10.00 a.m. from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. They were welcomed by Mercedes cars of Chinese Consulate. In the same day at different hours, the other spies and special operation members were welcomed by Mercedes and other cars of Chinese Consulate. They are taken to the house in which they hide themselves.

The last group as a group of 15 were taken from Istanbul Ataturk Airport by top model cars by the other spies to live in the places we do not know.

The World knows that Communist China is allied to Bashar Asad, Iran, and Russia in the Syria war. China works more and more against to Muslims.

Uyghur Mujahideen of Turkestan Islamic Party are fighting with their Turkmen brothers against Bashar Asad, Iran, Russia and China in Latakia, Syria.

Turkestan Islamic Party presented that China is sending weapons and armories to Asad by showing the pictures of booties they got from the operations.

Mysterious Mercedes cars are moving around in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

Muslims of East Turkestan living in Zeytinburnu and Küçükçekmece (İstanbul) are nervous.

Mysterious Mercedes cars are following Muslims. Those cars moving around till the midnights are being used by Uyghur Spies.

The Uyghur restaurants in Zeytinburnu and Küçükçekmece are on the first strike, because the workers and the clients of these restaurants are generally the Uyghur Muslims.

The spies around the restaurant seem like they are smoking, they are waiting for bus. Indeed, they record videos or audios.

When Muslims try to go to them, they disappear in rush. After one hour, the other one whom face is already so familiar turn back to keep guard.

Special Operation Chinese Spies confirm each and every Uyghur Turks houses one by one , and they are making preparations.

They also use attractive women to get new spies for themselves.

Communist China also keep in mind the fact of money to get new spies. Chinese Intelligence members are supplied top model cars to fulfill these tasks.

After the Uzbek Imam, are the Presidents of East Turkestan Foundations on the strike?

After the murder of the President of Zeytinburnu İhsan Knowledge Services Fraternal Society, Abdullah Bukhari(Uzbek Imam), the Presidents of East Turkestan Foundations are on the strike.

The Muslims in Zeytinburnu claim that they saw the Chinese spies while those spies were pointing the houses of Foundations’ Presidents.

Chinese Spies are working with Russian Spies?

Communist China who is allied to Cruel Asad with Russia in Syria continue this fellowship(!) in Turkey. As it is known that Russian Intelligence have been murdering tens of Chechen in Turkey formed a background for these murders.

Chinese Intelligence aiming to get benefit of this background of Russia in Turkey is making preparations for these operations with Russian Intelligence Service in Turkey.

Whom Chinese Intelligence Service uses to confirm the houses of the Foundation Presidents and Uyghur Muslims standing against to China?


Translator ; Sümeyye Polat



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